Rachel Corrie’s Statements & Eyewitness Report

Here, we are presenting some fantastic stuff which you never come across in the present era. To know more about ancient incidents then you must know about Rachel Corrie. The most obvious way to honor Rachel is to continue working on issues that mattered to her.

Peace and justice for the Palestinian people are probably at the top of that list. We should also pursue a thorough investigation of Rachel’s death and demand accountability by the Israeli army. Finally, we can donate money to organizations dealing with issues that mattered to Rachel (some are listed below).

Rachel Corrie’s Statements

  1. Press Release from the Parents of Rachel Corrie
  2. Statement by the International Solidarity Movement (ISM)
  3. Amnesty International Condemns Killing of Rachel Corrie
  4. U.S. State Department Press Briefing
  5. US Consulate Refuses to Protect Rachel Corrie (by Dr. Lim Ibn Kateb)
  6. Congressman Jim McDermott Statement on the Death of Rachel Corrie
  7. Rep. Brian Baird Calls for Investigation into Death of Rachel Corrie

Honor Rachel, End Home Demolitions – Jeff Halper, Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions STOP Caterpillar from selling its bulldozers to Israel until Israel stops using these machines to destroy Palestinian homes and livelihoods Greens Call for an Investigation of the Murder of American Peace Activist Rachel Corrie by Israeli Forces

Monetary Donations are accepted by:

Videotapes of the three-hour memorial service held recently in Olympia are available for $10.00, with $5 going to a charitable memorial fund in Rachel’s memory. Purchase from Evergreen State College.