Rachel’s E-Mails About The Guardian & If Americans Knew Mission

Some of Rachel’s e-mails from the Gaza Strip have been published in the Guardian (UK) – see links below. Her observations and thoughts about the realities of life in Gaza are eloquently expressed and eye-opening. Below we have listed out few Rachel Corrie’s email info topics.

  • Apps Rachel Corries Team Uses
  • Rachel’s War – The Guardian, March 18, 2003
  • Rachel’s War (additional e-mails) – The Guardian, March 18, 2003
  • Order booklet “Rachel’s Letters” from If Americans Knew

This weekend(March 18, 2003) 23-year-old American peace activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by a bulldozer as she attempted to avoid the Israeli army destroying homes in the Gaza Strip. In an impressive series of emails to her Loved Ones, she explained why she was risking her own life

Rachel’s War – The Guardian, March 18, 2003

The Israeli army has actually dug up the road to Gaza, and both of the major checkpoints are closed. This means that Palestinians who wish to go and register for their next quarter at college can not. People can’t access their jobs and people that are trapped on the other side can not get the house and internationals, who have a meeting tomorrow in the West Bank, won’t make it.

We can probably make it through if we made serious use of our international white person privilege, but this would also mean some risk of arrest and deportation, even though none of us has ever done anything illegal.

The Rachel’s E-mails Gaza Strip is divided into thirds now. There is some talk about the “reoccupation of Gaza”, but I seriously doubt that this will happen, because I think it could be a geopolitically stupid move for Israel at this time. I think the more likely thing is the increase in smaller below-the-international-outcry-radar incursions and possibly the oft-hinted population transfer.