How to Pay NJ traffic ticket online?

How do pay NJ traffic Violation tickets online using NJMCDIRECT.Com?

According to the https://NJMCDiret.Vip/ blog, “NJMCDirect is a web portal that provides New Jersey traffic ticket details and facilitates online payments. NJMCDIRECT.Com is a convenient way to pay your ticket fines.”

NJMCDIRECT helps you pay for penalties and ask for traffic violations instead of going physically to the municipal court. Hence, NJ Online website will save your time and energy, as you need a few minutes to pay a fine online.

NJMCDIRECT portal can easily access from anywhere. You will only need internet connectivity. Therefore, this portal makes online payments very easy and comfortable as compared to manual payments.

Using to pay violation charges online, you will require the following information:

You will need Ticket and License Number

You should have the traffic or parking ticket number as proof. When you attempt any traffic violation, the officer will give you a traffic ticket. The court ID and ticket number are mentioned on it, along with the type of violation you have committed. Therefore, this ticket is essential to complete the payment process.

You will also need a license plate or registration number of your vehicle, which could be found on your driving license.

If you are ready with the above details, then visit NJMCDirect Official website and enter a violation ticket number to proceed with payment.

Pay New Jersey Traffic Ticket Online

Steps to access the NJMCDirect portal

Once you are prepared with all the required information, you can easily access the payment portal of traffic tickets online. The payment process is quite simple; you can follow the below steps to access the payment portal.

  1. First, open your browser
  2. Go to the official website,
  3. You will find the option of ‘Time Payment Order’ or ‘Traffic Ticket Search’ on the website
  4. Click on the option and start the payment process
  5. Then, you will need to provide the ticket prefix, court ID, license plate number and ticket number
  6. You will see the continue button appears. Click on it
  7. After this, it will give you two options
  • View NJMCDirect Ticket
  • Process NJMCDirect Ticket Payment
  1. You can choose between two options according to your requirement
  2. By clicking on the first option, you can only see the ticket and clicking on the second option, you can start the payment process
  3. You can pay the fines by using credit or debit cards

Moreover, you can check your transaction details on the website. This web portal will have all the data related to your transactions for 90 days. If you cannot find the information regarding your payment, immediately contact the NJMCDirect customer service team.

Payment method

You can pay easily through reputable debit and credit cards such as:

  • Discover
  • VISA
  • MasterCard

However, you have to pay a fee of 3% by using these cards. If you do not own any credit or debit card, you can check the backside of the traffic ticket for other payment options. To avoid any further charges, make timely payments.

Payment timings

NJMCDirect website does not work for 24 hours; that is why it’s important to check the timings. The internet portal timings indicated below:

  • Monday to Thursday: 0430 hours to 2315 hours (EST)
  • Friday: 0430 hours to 2215 hours (EST)
  • Saturday: 0430 hours to 1515 hours (EST)
  • Sunday: 1300 hours to 2315 hours (EST)

Contact details of NJMCDirect

For contacting Municipal Court Tickets

  • Phone Number: 609-815-2900
  • Email: [email protected]
  • NJMCDirect Official website:

Contact details of NJMCDirect customer service

You can contact the NJ MC customer service team by using these details

  • Phone Number: 973-284-4945
  • NJ Office Address: New Jersey Municipal Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor, 228 Chesnutt Street
  • Fax: 973-284-4914
  • NJMCDirect office hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM

Finding NJ Ticket Number

If you search by using a ticket number, the retrieved information will show the prefix, the court ID, and the municipal court name.

If you search by compliant number, the retrieved complaint data will show the prefix, the court code, the complaint number, the respondent’s name, and the state’s name.

If you are searching by license number, the retrieved data will show the license ID, the name of the state, and the class.

Finally, you have to put your first name, your middle name initials, and your full last name if you are searching by name.

Additional Sources:

For more information about NJMCDirect and NJ ticket payments, contact Nicole corrie on Twitter page.

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