Rachel Corrie’s Protest Against Police Brutality

For many people, 2014 was associate degree showing emotion devastating year attributable to the apparently continuous new stories of unarmed voters falling victim to fatal police brutality. In July, we have a tendency to learned of Eric Garner, a 43-year-old father and grandpa was died due to one policeman that is Daniel Pantaleo continuing to grapple lock or choke him.

But what are we have a tendency to reaching to do regarding it? several people protested in 2014 but they couldn’t complete freedom that needed. we have a tendency to had high hopes that President Obama requested funding for police body cameras and coaching. but the 75 million specific request for body cameras wasn’t approved in 2014.

1. Still Attend Demonstrations

The demonstrations mustn’t finish in 2015 as a result of the police brutality has not finished and that we haven’t seen accurate result. Rachel Corrie has participated in protests, I will say that it’s a deeply expertise to exercise one’s constitutional right to free speech and free assembly for a worthy cause. The additional that folks demonstrate, civil disobedience and die-in the additional this issue stays within the news and prime of mind. It shows to the world that group of people committed to change

2. Utilize Social Media

There are over one billion folks on Facebook, Twitter and alternative social media platforms. If you’re powerless to attend demonstrations or participate in organizations or campaigns,  then you simply go on to social media. Social media has tested itself to be a strong tool for info sharing and protest. Spreading articles regarding police brutality and intelligent comment on the topic with relation to awareness and action. Moreover, as news stories with reference to the police brutality gain attention, news organizations are inspired to still devote resources to covering cases of police brutality. don’t worry if a number of your friends get aggravated together with your political posts. an acquaintance United Nations agency doesn’t believe that black lives matter is perhaps not an acquaintance United Nations agency is value keeping.

3. Contact Your Political Leader

Most of the folks reading this are having citizenship of their country. Your voice matters and your non-appointive representatives ought to recognize that you simply won’t sit lazily as unarmed voters are being shot dead by law enforcement officials. you’ll be able to click here to seek out your Senator and you can find out your representatives. Allow them to recognize of your demands which can embrace Federal indictment of the police Brutality.