A Memorial Service (Scholarship) in the Rachel Corrie’s Honour

While protecting a Palestinian family’s house against unlawful demolition, Rachel Corrie, a lifelong Olympia resident, Evergreen pupil and community activist was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Rafah, Gaza, in 2004 on March 16.

This scholarship is for students dedicated to working within the community, either locally or globally, to further Middle East comprehension, and developing a better comprehension of the Middle East.

Areas of interest may include Arab culture, Islam, Arabic language, US policy in the Middle East, and/or a peaceful and just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Rachel was particularly concerned with putting her knowledge into action within the community.

Applicants must show how they will use their studies to promote human rights, understanding, and social justice through activist work at home or in the Middle East. (This scholarship will cover either one year of out-of-state/international tuition, or one year of in-state tuition plus travel abroad to the Middle East.)

The recipient will be selected by a college committee comprised of one faculty of Middle East Studies (Therese Saliba, Steve Niva, and Lance Laird), one faculty of Social Change (Peter Bohmer, Larry Mosqueda, etc.), and a community member working on Middle East peace and justice issues.

  1. Letter of application describing why you want to be considered for the scholarship and your qualifications.
  2. Include how you intend to integrate them into the community circumstance described previously and a brief description of your planned studies.
  3. A copy of an analytic essay or artwork, prose, poetry, photography or other creative medium which you feel is pertinent to your qualifications. Don’t send originals as things is not going to be returned.
  4. Please include a statement describing the relevance of your work (artwork, prose, poetry, etc.) to the application.
  5. Two letters of recommendation from people, other than relatives, who are comfortable with your qualifications.