How Rachel Corrie Involved In International Solidarity Movement

The International Solidarity Movement is a Palestinian non-governmental organization of Palestinian,Rachel Corrie were control and operating movement to struggle for freedom in Palestine. This non governmental campaign opt for non-violent strategies of resistance and dissent to confront and challenge illegal Israeli occupation forces and policies.

Rachel corrie and his followers acknowledge that Palestinian right to resist illegal Israeli violence and brutality and
occupation forces by all legitimatize manner. However, we have a tendency to believe that nonviolent resistance are often a robust weapon to fight oppression and we area unit committed to non-violent resistance principles.

• We have  to support the International Solidarity Movement of Palestinians to resist the occupation forces accordant to international law

• We have a tendency to demand immediate end to the occupation forces, respect and immediate implementation of international organization resolutions

• We have capability to entail a direct international intervention to protect  the Palestinian people and guarantee respect for international law by Israel.

Israel government and its occupying forces provide relation to neither human rights nor the lives of Palestinians, a world presence is required to support Palestinian nonviolence. Palestinian pacifists UN agency attempt to work alone or protest face brutal repression on the a part of Israeli forces as well as beatings, prolonged arrests, serious injury and even death. International peace and remedy for Palestinian each by their presence as witnesses and daily humiliation and injustice of the Israeli

In addition to our usual actions on the ground in the occupied Palestinian territories, International Solidarity Movement conducts campaigns of non-violent direct actions that international civilians area unit invited to join for specific period.

These campaigns was passed off in August 2001. From August eight to nineteen, 2001, fifty foreign civilians from in the main the United Kingdom and US  have capable the decision and took half in witnessing and complaining  against the brutality of occupation and the injustices committed by the Israeli occupying forces against Palestinian civilians.