Immediately after her death, posters and graffiti praising Corrie were posted in Rafah, with one graffiti tag reading, “Rachel was an American citizen with Palestinian blood.” According to the ISM’s official publications, the day after Corrie died, about thirty American and European ISM activists with 300 Palestinians began protests during the public memorial service over the spot where she was fatally injured in Rafah. Gordon Murray, an ISM activist who attended the memorial, states that the IDF sent a representative to the event who intimidated the mourners into dispersing, allegedly using non-lethal weapons.

In 2008, Corrie’s parents commemorated the fifth anniversary of her death at an event held in the West Bank town of Nablus. About 150 Palestinians and foreigners joined them to dedicate a memorial to Corrie on one of the city’s streets.

In 2011, Iran named a street in Tehran after Corrie.