Best NOAA Emergency Weather Radios

If you want to stay updated with critical knowledge, you have to look for the best emergency radio. It is vital to understand what is happening, especially during emergency disasters like hurricanes or other natural calamities.

Emergency radios are unique as they receive notifications and warnings from the band stations. Alternatively, the user can set the radio to alert them if there is an impending weather disaster. You can buy the following emergence radios.

Source: Best Emergency Radios & NOAA Weather Radios to Buy

 1. Sangean MMR-88 Weather Emergency Radio

Sangean MMR-88 Weather Emergency Radio

Sangean MMR -88 is a reliable emergency radio. It has a digital display that is easy to read, which monitors the charging level. More importantly, it has a logical design that is easy for the user to understand.

The built-in jack allows headphones to enhance the private listening experience. For example, getting weather updates is always simple without distracting people’s conversations, even when I am in crowded places.

This emergency radio device is lightweight. Taking it away as you evacuate will not pose a challenge to you. Still, it has multiple charging options to make it run long. Notably, this radio has rubberized caps, making it resistant to any impact even if you drop it down.

Another thing is Sangean MMR is compact and durable. You will not experience a big challenge when storing it in a confined place. Many will appreciate it if they own a product that serves them excessively. Sangean is proof of that fact.

However, this product has a notable downside. It cannot power well when you use standard alkaline batteries.

Item weight13.2 ounces
Power sourceDC, solar
Supported bands7 bands


  • Supports three modes of charging
  • Four functions of LED flash
  • 7 NOAA channels and AM/FM.
  • DC output
  • Convenient digital display


  • It lacks an alkaline backup battery.

 2. RunningSnail Emergency Hand Crank Self Powered AM/FM NOAA Solar Weather Radio

Running Snail Emergency radio has three foolproof and convenience of recharging the units. They include solar, USB, and hand cranks, charging other devices like the mobile phone.

 Fortunately, this emergence radio can still operate on 3 AAA batteries. Again, the user will access all 7 NOOA channels plus the AM and FM band to enhance your entertainment. You can select a suitable channel and update yourself with the right information before deciding.

This NOAA emergency radio model is super light and compact. Such a design is beneficial to your traveling schedule since you will not have difficulty moving around. Also, there is an invaluable backup that can handle it in case of an emergence. As such, your device will remain charged as you stay in touch with the right information.

When I went to the market to purchase it, I was surprised by its pocket-friendly. It can serve the buyer to promote every individual for an extended period as the crisis strikes. The compact construction allows one to store it well while hiking and camping.

Finally, this radio is versatile and easy to use. It has the brightest LED flashlights that are incomparable.

Hardware InterfaceUSB
Item weight0.9 pounds
Power sourceSolar, battery


  • Allows mobile devices charging.
  • Flashlight ability assists rescuers in locating the user.
  • LED flashlight is convenient when operating in dim light
  • NOOA weather alerts improve your decision making
  • Affordable pricing


  • The emergence of radio lacks a clock.

3. American Red Cross Emergency NOAA Weather Radio

American Red Cross Weather radio comes with weather alerts to allow you to access crucial information before making a decision. You will have prior knowledge of a natural disaster like a hurricane to help relocate quickly.

Most importantly, this emergence radio is durable and versatile. It will keep your smartphone charged and running. Again, a LED flashlight will guide you in darkness to not lose direction as you walk.

More so, it has multiple charging methods to keep it running. There is a headphone jack to maintain private listening. You will stay updated when you know when the disaster is striking or over.

Buying an emergency weather radio is a tough decision but a practical one. It can serve the buyer for a longer duration. The lightweight design also makes it easy to carry. Not to forget, emergence beacons can help you find your way safely. 

I saw the alert function, which I pressed. Later I discovered that it activated the weather alerts update of my area before moving. This radio has a great reception to ensure superior audio quality. The product also comes at a low cost to make it one of the most convenient survival gear. 

Radio bands7-bands
Item weight0.93 pounds
Power sourceSolar, battery


  • Can charge all your smartphones
  • Powerful LED flashlight for safe movements
  • Can receive all 7 NOOA weather bands
  • Supports three power options
  • It is a multi-functional digital device


  • One must crank it to get a usable charge

 4.FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio, NOAA Weather Radio for Household and Outdoor Emergency

You can settle for this Emergency Radio if you need assistance during critical moments of natural disasters. It is a powerful unit that will serve you exceptionally when facing a challenging disaster.

The manufacturer designed this emergence radio to serve different purposes. It is ideal for use within the household and outdoors. One can access NOAA emergency weather broadcasts to keep you updated on what to expect.

You can still always tune in to other AM and FM channels for the right information. Uniquely, this radio offers three power sources. It has a crank lever and a solar panel to enhance power sources.

The user will access alternative power sources to make it run at all times. A power bank becomes useful during emergence sessions when your power sources are unavailable. It has a 2000Ah power level that makes it safe and reliable.

The product can work well if you are an adventurer. The radio has excellent features that make it functional and durable.

Voltage3.5 V
Hardware interfaceUSB
Radio bands7 bands
Item weight10.9 ounces


  • It comes with a reliable 2000mAH power bank
  • LED flashlight is ideal for dark areas
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • The radio supports AM and FM bands
  • The user gets weather alerts


  • None

5. Kaito KA500 5-way Powered Solar Powered Emergency AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Alert Radio

Kaito is a reliable and functional emergence radio that one can use to prepare and endure any natural disaster. Most importantly, it has three charging options: solar panel, USB input, and hand cranking.

It is noteworthy that this product provides unmatched versatility if things become unpredictable. It supports 7 NOOA channels not to lose any vital information. They are also FM and FM stations that it supports. Accessing the Public Emergency Alert System takes advantage of the two bands’ short-wave capability.

It is easy to tune this emergency radio effectively. It can seek out the signals with determination and present them. Also, this radio is lightweight and built to last. It will present itself in the right manner as you would expect the emergence radio to do.

I had a great experience when I put this emergency radio to use. Notably, a flashlight and a reading lamp allow me to see and read properly. I could walk in dark areas without the threat of losing any direction.

Hardware InterfaceUSB
Radio band2 bands
Power sourceSolar, battery, and corded electricity


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Powerful LED flashlight
  • Three charging options
  • It supports seven full NOOA bands
  • Durable and robust construction materials


  • The solar panel is of low quality

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should someone go for an emergency radio?

You can decide to use an emergence radio when nature strikes with calamities like tornadoes, hurricanes, high wind, and seasonal flooding. Such events occur in specific regions of the world yearly. You will need this emergence radio for weather alerts, evacuation orders, and emergence decrees. It is a dependable tool that is ideal for survival.

Can one use a smartphone instead of an emergence radio?

Smartphones are excellent devices that can give the right service for such situations. Unfortunately, a disaster may come with untimely repercussions. It may include loss of electricity, scarce clean water, and fewer supplies of general essentials.

 Smartphones have one downside that involves a dying battery if exposed uncharged for several days or weeks. Thankfully, the emergence of radio will keep one informed, provide light for navigation, and guide you to safety.

Also, the emergence of radio can provide power to ensure that your mobile devices keep running. As such, emergence radios remain the right options with great features to keep you informed while operating in remote conditions.

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